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Golf GTI: The Modern Classic

Cliche as this may sound, the 1974 classic has all the bells and whistles to WOW the 2022 crowd.

The Volkswagen Golf hatchback and its sportier other half need no introduction. Since its roll-out way back in 1974, it has become one of the world’s most celebrated cars…and Alfons Lowenberg’s secret project (codenamed EA 337) has come full circle in 2022, with the MK8 generation GTI.

The MK8 did not roll out without its own horror story, with fans still lamenting on the Mk7.5 which was deemed the perfect GTI, as the automotive world sneaks into EV development, raising concerns that improvements may be….marginal at best.

But that was not what happened.

True to its form, this ‘roaring-monster’ did not disappoint. Equipped with a 2.0-liter engine, reworked suspension, software updates which include a new Vehicle Dynamics Manager, amazing speed is now coupled with an upgraded electronic stability control, electronic differential locks and adaptive damping to bring out the best driving experience.

Because it’s a GTI.

A daily driver, a weekender or a TT-messiah, the GTI is a shape-shifter and a catch at its RM170k plus price tag. It is a remarkable car for that price point, with more expensive options struggling to meet the demand.

Effortless Interior

Volkswagen, at its best, has made the interior look like an Audi…on a budget. A combo of plastics and leather, Volkswagen makes the effort to make the car look and feel premium.

Combining the upholstery with a new digital cockpit, the car looks modern with a quaint infotainment system. Come on, if you’re driving a GTI, you should be looking out, not in.

Kick a little asphalt with the GTI.

The new GTI has made do without almost all physical buttons and knobs, replacing them with buttons and sliders, even for essentials like the stereo volume. Keeping with the minimalist theme, some might say that the GTI will leave you wanting on the inside. Positively, to us, if you are in a GTI, your eyes should be set on the road.

Should you get one?

Life is fast in the hot hatch game – everyone is making one. As a car with no greater heritage, this refreshed contender should be in your line of sight, if, you are on a lookout for a hot hatch. It may not have as much power as its competitors out there, but the EA 888 will kick a little asphalt on your way back from work.

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By Fadzly Hanaffi

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